Best Sports Betting Sites for 2019

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#122bet22bet100% up to €122Visit Site
#2Spin SportsSpin Sports100% up to €200Visit Site
#3888sport888sport100% up to €100Visit Site
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Finding the best sports betting sites should not be hard. With the explosive growth of the industry, there are some incredible places to make a sports bet online. But, there are still some online betting sites that need to be avoided. To help get you in the action right now, we've got an up to date list below of the most trusted, honest, and down-right best sports betting sites available.

What makes these the best betting sites on the planet? The short answer is - a lot. These websites offer the fastest payouts, cover the most sports including the smaller and more diverse ones, and are some of the most trusted, honest, and upstanding online betting sites on the market.

Look, we don't just hand out our recommendations for any random sports betting sites that pop up. We take our work seriously, and we take a lot of pride in our ability to help connect you with the best places to wager online. It's our goal and our mission to help connect you with the online sportsbook that best fits your unique needs, wants, and desires. If you leave here with an incredible betting option at your disposal to help you turn your picks into a lot of money, then we can rest easy knowing we've done our job.

Sports Betting Sites by Country

usa Logo

Sports Betting Sites for US Bettors

If you're a US-based bettor and you're looking for the top sports betting sites tailored to you, you're in luck. We've created a fully-dedicated guide for US bettors looking to get into online sports betting. If that's you, grab your American flag t-shirt and a Bud Light and head on over to our Murica' hub where we will help you get started betting today.

Here are what we have found to be the best US betting sites available today and the reasons for each one:

  • Bovada - Offers great promotions and excellent betting lines
  • MyBookie - Covers all major sports competitions from around the world
  • - Excellent customer service and competitive odds and lines
  • Xbet - Very user friendly website and good bonus offers to choose from
  • BetOnline - Many different bets to lay on different sports, including props and futures
globe Logo

Global Sports Betting Site Options

For those of you sports bettors that live elsewhere on the globe, you also have a lot of high-quality, safe, and secure online sports betting site options to choose from. If that's you, grab your passport and head on over to one of our global hubs where we have the best betting sites recommended for you and important information you need to know to ensure you get started betting online the right way.

Speaking of looking for globally accepted online gambling sites, have you ever wondered what the size of the online gambling market is? It's absolutely massive, and it just continues to grow and grow every year.

There is a particular draw when it comes to betting online, and the numbers that we have found surely support that evidence. The following numbers show the global gambling markets gross gaming yield from 2001 all the way to 2019 in billion (yes, billion) US dollars.

All numbers listed are in US billion dollars

Best Betting Sites By Event

The Super Bowl

super bowl betting sites

One of the biggest sporting events of the entire year is the Super Bowl. Whether you're a huge football fan, a music fan looking for the halftime show, or you're just here for the commercials, the Super Bowl is a spectacle that most fans can't fathom ever missing. Another group of people who can't fathom missing the Super Bowl is sports bettors. The Super Bowl has literally billions of dollars bet on it every year by amateur and professional bettors all across the globe. Not only do you have your traditional bets, but you also have a ton of fun and profitable prop bets that you can add to your betting arsenal.

Choosing a great Super Bowl betting site is important. You need somewhere that offers great Super Bowl specific bonuses, tons of betting options for you to choose from, and competitive lines graciously swayed by the betting public. If you want to ensure you're betting with one of the best online betting sites offering Super Bowl action, check out the link to the list below now.

The NBA Finals

nba finals betting sites

Some of us are old enough to remember images of Michael Jordan hitting fadeaway shots in the NBA Finals, and if not, you've at least seen the clips in about half a dozen commercials still to this day. The NBA Finals is one of basketball's most exciting spectacles when the two best teams in the NBA compete to call themselves the best. Not only is the NBA Finals exciting for spectators, but they are also exciting for sports bettors.

It's important that if you want to bet on the NBA Finals the right way, you need to be betting with a trusted online sportsbook. To find the top sports betting websites offering action on the NBA Finals, check out the link to our up to date list.

The World Series

world series betting sites

Grab your hot dogs, beers, and gloves, it's time to talk baseball. And we're not just talking any old baseball game, we're talking about the World Series. The World Series is globally regarded as the world championship of baseball. The team that walks away with the win in this best of seven series is regaled as the best in the world. What's exciting, though, is that not only can you enjoy this sporting spectacle as a fan, but you can enjoy it as a sports bettor. This means that when your team wins, you don't just get to collect high fives, but you get to collect some cold hard cash to go with it.

How do you know what the best sports betting sites are, though? We've got you covered. The link below will take you to our up to date list of the safest, most trusted, and most secure World Series betting sites for you to choose from.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA world cup betting sites

Whether you call it soccer, football, futbal, or something else we've never heard of, you can't deny that the World Cup is one of the greatest events in all of sports and all of sports betting. Care to take a guess which sporting event has the most money bet on it? We think you can figure out what the answer is. The World Cup is a fan's dream and a sports bettors fairytale land as well. You can literally bet on just about any aspect of the game you can imagine.

But, you don't want to be betting on this global spectacle with just any run of the mill sports betting website. You need to make sure you're betting with a top sports betting site if you want to ensure a good, safe experience. Click the link below to see our list of the top recommended World Cup betting sites available to you.

March Madness

March Madness betting sites

Many would argue that March Madness is a much bigger time in basketball than the NBA Finals and they would have a pretty dang good case. There is nothing like the excitement of so many games that all mean so much in a short period of time. It's the time of the year you find yourself rooting for colleges and universities that you've never even heard of before! This might be because you're a big fan and love the underdog, or it might be because you're a sports bettor and are taking advantage of all the opportunities to make some serious coin!

What are the best March Madness betting websites? Where do you go if you want to bet brackets, tournament winners, or individual games? As you probably guessed already, we've got you covered. The link below will take you to the list of the most secure, safest, and fastest paying March Madness sportsbooks online.

The Masters

The Masters betting sites

Tradition unlike any other. . .Yes, we're talking about one of golf's greatest competitions. The only major that's held at the same course every year, the Masters is incredible to watch, attend, and/or to bet on. Watching the best in the world compete at Augusta National is exciting, but it gets that much more exciting when you know that you're going to make money if your golfer drops a particular putt or keeps it out of the water on the 15th.

If you're looking for the best betting sites offering action on the Masters, we have what you're looking for. Take a peek at the link below where we've got a complete list of the top online sportsbooks offering action on this year's Masters tournament.

The US Open

The US Open betting sites

One of golf's other majors that draws a ton of attention from spectators and bettors alike is the US Open. The third of the four majors, the US Open is the annual open national championship for the sport of professional golf. The course moves around every year but is always somewhere picturesque and equally challenging.

Below, we've got a link to an updated list of the top sports betting sites where you can get into the US Open action right now without ever leaving the house.


Wimbledon betting sites

Established in 1877, Wimbledon has become the most famous tennis tournament around the world, and in turn, is one of the most bet on events worldwide. It's also one of four of what's known as Grand Slam tournaments in the sport, including the US Open, French Open, and Australia Open.

Finding the right betting site with the best odds on the Wimbledon can mean big money for a sports bettor, which is why we've done extensive research to give you the best chances at making the most money when betting on the Wimbledon. Take a look at our guide to the best Wimbledon betting sites below.

Indy 500

Indy 500 betting sites

Open-wheel racing, if you know anything about it, you know that the Indianapolis 500 is the "race to win" for all open-wheel drivers. With speeds of well over 200 mph, the excitement is impossible to describe in words. What can make it more exciting, though? Yup, you guessed it - betting on the race. The Indy 500 is a great opportunity for sharp race bettors to pick up a lot of value and make some money betting on the yearly race.

Where can you find the best Indy 500 betting websites? Well, we've gone ahead and done all the work under the hood for you. Click the link below, and you'll be taken to our updated list of the top, safest, and overall best sports betting sites offering extensive action on the Indy 500.

Premier League*

Online Betting Sites by Sport or League

If you're on the hunt for a sports betting site that's specific to a particular sport, league, or major sporting event, then we've got what you're searching for. Below, you'll find links to many different pages that we've developed to only bring you the best of the best online sportsbooks for that specific niche. Up first, we've got links below to all of our pages that are specific to an individual sport. Just click on the links to view these sport-specific pages.

If you're searching for a specific league, we've also got a collection of pages dedicated to different sports leagues around the world. Just click on the links below to head to these pages if you'd like to see online betting sites that are the best ones for betting on these leagues.

More Recommended Online Betting Sites

Some of you will have very specific requirements from an online betting site. Some of you will have personal preferences that you want to see catered to. Our final batch of recommendations have been compiled with this in mind. We've put together lists of the top online betting sites in each of the following categories.

Online Sports Betting Sites vs. Land Based Sportsbooks

Land-Based Sportsbooks

Ahoy matee! Where me land-loving sports bettors? Okay, so this has nothing to do with pirates, but we couldn't resist. Land-based sportsbooks have been around for ages, and were really your only option to bet on sports outside of using a bookie for many decades. Now, though, it seems like their future may be in jeopardy because of the conveniences and benefits from the best online betting sites available today.


  • Interaction with other people; can be a social event
  • Ability to ask questions of agents face to face


  • Safety issues carrying around cash
  • Have to travel to casino
  • Have to wait in line on busier betting days
  • Can't monitor line changes after you leave

Online Betting Sites

We don't have any pirate puns here, so you're safe and don't have to walk the plank. But if you wanted to make a sports bet while on the plank, you'd be good to go as long as you had your smartphone or tablet with you. Online sports betting sites burst onto the scene a few decades ago and have done nothing but improve the betting experience for sports bettors of all skill levels.


  • Can easily shop betting lines
  • Don't have to carry around wads of cash
  • Able to check lines all day long
  • Better bonuses and rewards programs


  • Customer service is via phone, chat, or email, not live in person
  • Might be new to you and require some learning of how to do

Requirements of Selecting the Safest Betting Sites

Now, not every online sports betting site is going to excel in every single one of these categories. There are some categories, though, that are deal breakers and a sportsbook must excel at these in order to even be considered to make our best betting sites list. But, that also means there are some categories that are up to your personal preference.

With these categories, you'll have to decide what is most important to you. Is a huge sign-up bonus more important than how many sports the site covers? Is the live betting platform more important than their VIP program? These are questions that don't have a right answer, but you will need to know the answer to in order to find the site that is the best fit for you. Let's take a look at a few of these personal preference categories now to help you choose the top sports betting sites that are best for you.

Online Betting Sites With The Best Banking Options

At any of the sports betting sites that we recommended you will find several great deposit and withdrawal options to choose from. But, this does not mean that every site is going to have the same number of high-quality options. Some online sportsbooks have an incredible number of options so you can move your money any which way you want to. Now, it's important to point out that all you really need is one trusted option to move money on and one trusted option to move money off. But, some of you might like the flexibility and we're cool with that.

Online Sportsbooks With Great Customer Service

The big dream is that you would never need any additional assistance when making your bets online. Everything would work exactly how you want it to, and that would be that. Unfortunately, that's not the case with any business or any industry in the world. There are times when you're going to need a little help getting your bets placed, your money moved around, or changes to your account. This is where customer service comes in. Some online sportsbooks have incredible customer service who will go above and beyond for you, while some other sites have customer service that will get the job done, but might not do anything extra for you.

The Variety of Sports Covered

Some people who bet on sports have one or two sports that they like to bet on. Some people, though, love to bet on literally anything and everything that they are able to. They have a lot of fun betting on obscure sports and making sure they have action going all year long. If this is you (or that one sport you like is obscure), you're going to want to find the best online betting sites that offer action on a wide variety of sports.

Mobile Betting Platform Quality

Sports betting used to be something that could only happen in a casino or sportsbook. Convenience started rolling in, though, when you became able to bet from your desktop computer at home. Nowadays, you can bet from anywhere you are as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer. But, not every online sportsbook's mobile platform is as good as the next. Does every online betting site we've recommended on this page have a great mobile betting platform? Yes. Are there some that still rise above the rest and really shine? You betcha.

Are You New to Online Betting? Start Here!

New to all of this? Feeling overwhelmed? Take a breath and don't worry because we've got you covered. You see, everyone who is a serious or professional sports bettor had to start somewhere - even us. We remember how intimidating it was at first and how confusing all the jargon and numbers were. But, here's something reassuring. Once you get past all of that and have it explained to you properly, sports betting is incredibly fun and rewarding! Did we mention you can make a lot of money, too?

Below, you'll find four different resource guides that are the perfect starting point for beginners. These are not jargon-packed, confusing, or intimidating guides. These are written for beginners by experienced instructors who know how to convey concepts in a way that you can understand. Don't worry, it's not "dumbed down" information that is useless. It's the same concepts the pros use to crush betting online, but presented in a way that doesn't assume you already know everything. So be sure to read these guides carefully to make sure you choose the best sports betting site.

Live Betting Sites and In Play Betting Sites

Whether you call it live betting or in-play betting, it's the same fast-paced, exciting online sports betting adventure. While most things you can do online you can still do in a brick and mortar setting (though not as conveniently), this is one that is reserved to the online realm. Live sports betting sites allow you to place wagers on a game after it has started.

Sometimes this is just between quarters or periods, but at a lot of the best betting websites, you can in-game bet after every single play or drive! Live betting gives you the ability to watch games, look for trends or things other people are missing, and place an in-game wager to take advantage of that. Not only do live betting sites give you great straight-up value opportunities, but they also gives you great hedging opportunities if you want to lock up some profit or your initial bet isn't looking so hot.

If you've never tried live betting, we highly recommend giving it a shot. Warning, though, it's not for the slow or the faint-hearted. If you like action and you want to have the biggest rush sports betting can provide, in-game wagering is for you.

Below, we've got a few links to some of the top sports betting websites with live action. It's extremely important that you choose a great site if you are going to be getting into live betting because the user interface is everything. If you can't see the odds clearly in real time, then you're going to have problems getting in the bets that you want to make. The betting websites we've recommended below are some of the best in the business when it comes to offering live betting and in-game wagering.

Free Sports Betting Picks

In this section we have all of our picks and previews. We cover all of the major events and even do daily and weekly predictions for many sports. Our experts analyze each game and give full breakdowns and educated picks.

Sports Betting News and Blogs

News and Blogs
sports betting news and blogs

Want to know anything and everything happening in the sports betting world in real time? Our team of writers and reporters work tirelessly to make sure you get the full scoop about everything going on in with sports and sports betting sites. In most things in life, knowledge equals power. In sports betting, knowledge equals more opportunities to make money.

Sports News Sports Blog

Spotlight: Our Favorite Sports Betting Site Right Now

MyBookie chart

There is always going to be one online sportsbook that rises above the rest. Currently, the best sports betting site is hands-down MyBookie.AG. If you're not feeling like spending hours sifting through sportsbook options and you want to be betting with the best, most trusted site where the pros are betting, MyBookie.AG is where you want to be.

  • Cashouts in under 2 days
  • Extensive coverage of every major and minor sport
  • A slick, easy to use desktop and mobile betting interface

Online Betting FAQ

Is Online Betting Safe?

Let's start with the bottom line up front her. Online betting is completely safe as long as you are willing to do a few things to ensure that it stays safe. This is a lot like anything in life. Driving a car is relatively safe as long as you choose a safe car and don't do stupid things like speed or change lanes like a madman.

Online betting is much like the car analogy. As long as you choose a reputable, trusted, and safe online sports betting site, and as long as you follow some simple safety guidelines like only betting what you can afford to lose and keeping your password safe, then online sports betting is going to be safe. If you can follow through on these two things, you're not going to have any issues with safety.

How Do I Get Sign up Bonuses at Sports Betting Sites?

If you know anything about online sports betting sites, you know that they compete heavily for your business. The most popular way that they go about doing this is by offering rewards and sign up bonuses in the way of free money, free swag, free bets, free trips, and anything else free they can think of. But, how do you go about getting these great bonuses and rewards?

The simplest way to find the sportsbooks with the best rewards is to check out our guide that details the best bonuses available.

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