What Are the Best AAF Betting Sites?

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Because this league is relatively new, not all football betting sites have the weekly AAF odds listed. That means sports bettors are going to have to be even more cautious with where they place their Alliance of American Football wagers. Fortunately for those of you looking for the top AAF betting sites, we've got you covered like a shutdown corner.

How Do I Know If These AAF Betting Sites are Trustworthy?

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Choosing the best AAF betting site to place your wagers requires a bit more effort than betting on the NFL or NCAAF. This is because not all online sportsbooks are accepting wagers as of yet. Since the league is still relatively new, sportsbooks are trying to get a better understanding of the AAF landscape. With that in mind, we've found the best AAF betting sites for you based on the following criteria below:


Like a QB needs his offensive line to protect him, bettors need an online betting site to offer state-of-the-art encryption to keep accounts safe and secure. An AAF betting website must offer top-notch security measures in order to protect users from having their identities stolen or their financial transactions hacked.


Reputation and experience are crucial aspects to consider when choosing a betting site to bet on the Alliance of American Football. Similar to how the AAF went out and hired some of the NFL's most experienced coaches and general managers in order to establish credibility and proper leadership, betting sites must have a lengthy resume in order to establish credibility with each football bettor.

Banking Options

Choose AAF betting sites that allows you to select from a wide variety of banking options is very important. This includes both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings. Also, make sure that the site doesn't have long delays for banking transactions. Banking efficiency is an overlooked aspect, but it really separates the best sites for AAF betting from the rest of the pack.

Easy to Use

An Alliance of American Football betting site shouldn't be too difficult to use. If a beginner can't navigate the site, then the online sportsbook will lose out on money a potential long-term customer. Make sure the AAF betting site you use is easy enough to place wagers and to find where they list the AAF betting odds.

Mobile Platform

Any online sports betting website that doesn't have a mobile betting platform is not worth your time and money. In fact, any AAF betting site that isn't mobile compatible is archaic and outdated. Mobile betting platforms are a must-have for today's betting landscape, especially with the AAF, which is all about live interaction with fans.

Live Betting

The AAF has built its league on the concept of sports betting. They have an app that allows users to choose plays before they happen in the game. With that said, it's important to choose a betting website that offers live AAF betting since this league is all about the instant interaction. Take advantage of the AAF's "every play matters" philosophy and make some money off of it.


If you are just signing up with an online betting site for the first time, make sure to look at what bonuses and promotions they are offering. All of the AAF betting sites that we recommend offer bonuses that will either match your deposit or give you free online sports betting opportunities.

Customer Service

Nothing says "miserable experience" like poor customer service. Betting websites are just like any other business; they need to offer professional customer service, especially to new or longtime customers.

What Makes a Good Alliance of American Football Betting Site?

In addition to the criteria above, a good AAF betting site will also have the following attributes:

Variety of Wagers

Some AAF betting sites only offer one or two types of AAF wagers, which can be incredibly disappointing. When an Alliance of American Football betting website has a small selection of wagers, you are limited in betting options, betting value, and potential for winning. You are stuck in selecting from AAF wagers that might not offer appealing odds or even the AAF game you want to bet on.

A good AAF betting site will offer a wide selection of wagers that include all of the games and the following types of football bets:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Prop Bets
  • Future Bets
  • Parlays

Competitive Lines

In addition to a wide selection of AAF wagers, a good Alliance of American Football betting website also has competitive lines. It's very frustrating when you find a football wager to place your money on, only to find out that the odds have a higher vig than other AAF betting sites. Competitive lines could be the difference between winning and losing your AAF bets at online betting sites.

Comparing AAF Betting Sites to NFL Betting Sites

For the most part, AAF betting sites a virtually the same as NFL betting sites. The only difference is in the volume of wagers offered. Most Alliance of American Football betting websites have a much smaller volume of wagers compared to NFL betting websites. One such example is that AAF betting sites don't offer pleasers and teasers like NFL betting sites do. This is largely due to the league not being as popular with football bettors as of yet. Teasers are types of football wagers that modify the point spread on each leg of a parlay. Pleasers are also modified parlays, but they are typically adjusted to make the parlays more difficult.

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Can You Bet on Both Leagues at the Same Football Betting Site?

The best AAF betting sites also allow NFL wagers and vice versa. Football is the most popular sport to bet on, so the premiere online betting sites offer wagers on both leagues. If you come across an internet betting site that doesn't allow betting on the AAF and the NFL, then kick that site to the curb and choose one of our best Alliance of American Football betting websites.

Differences Between Betting on AAF Compared to NFL / College Football

Betting on the AAF is almost exactly the same as betting on the NFL and College Football except for a few small differences:

Popular Numbers

In the AAF, there are no extra points. All teams have to go for two point conversions after they score a touchdown. This can affect football betting systems that are focused on spreads or point totals that involve popular numbers like 7.

Odd Point Totals

Without extra points, it makes it harder to hit totals that are odd numbers. For example, if the game's total has an Over/Under of 52 total points, it's going to be harder to hit the Over because 53 is an odd number and there are no extra points. The only odd scoring can come from a field goal and the kicking percentage has been average at best in the league so far.

AAF Betting Sites for Beginners

The best online betting sites for beginners are ones that not only meet the criteria above, but really excel at making things easy for beginners to successfully place wagers on the Alliance of American Football. This can be accomplished in the following ways:

Simple Navigation

When first starting out, the last thing a beginner wants to do is spend a lengthy amount of time trying to find an online betting site to place AAF bets. A simple navigation or quick link to the AAF betting odds is the most convenient way for beginners to find the AAF odds and place their wagers.

Fast Deposits and Payouts

The best AAF betting sites for beginners are ones that make it easy for bettors to quickly gain access to their funds. This can include access to their deposits and winnings. If beginners have to wait a few hours, or days, to access their funds then it could prevent them from betting altogether. If they have to wait a few hours for a betting site to verify the winner of an AAF bet, it could prevent beginners from placing wagers on the next AAF game. Time is money when it comes to betting on the AAF.


When first signing up for an AAF betting website, beginners are often eligible for some incredible bonuses and promotions. These bonuses can include matching up to 100% of the first deposit. Some AAF betting sites also offer free football wagers as part of their promotions for beginners.

Our Favorite AAF Betting Site

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MyBookie.ag is currently our favorite AAF betting site due to the online sportsbook checking off all of the boxes mentioned above especially their wide range of AAF wagers. MyBookie.ag offers numerous banking options with quick access to deposits and very fast payouts. They also boast of an easy to use website that's both safe and secure for AAF bettors.

Not only does MyBookie.ag offer incredible bonuses for first time users, they also have ongoing promotions that match a percentage of reloads, match first time cryptocurrency deposits and referral bonuses. This internet betting site makes wagering on the Alliance of American Football an enjoyable experience. Check out our extensive review of MyBookie.ag below for more information.

Detailed MyBookie.ag Review
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